Warning: you can be sued whenever we feel like it February 2, 2008

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Blogger Pate is concerned of being sued by IBM after reading a book from IBM Press. Page xix from the book “Mining the Talk” reads:

if you want to take our methods and create your own software solution to sell as a product, while we applaud your initiative and enthusiasm, you really should first discuss this with suitable representatives from IBM business development. IBM has sole ownership of all the intellectual property described in this book, all of which is protected by U.S. patents, both granted and pending. All rights reserved, etc., etc.

So what, there are plenty of other books on the topic. So what IBM has patents? Google has patents, Microsoft has patents, Yahoo has patents, they all have patents. But does that mean that all or any of them will sue you after you read a technical book? Thought so.

Go eat your force fed foie gras, your castrated pork, then drink your glass of BGH milk. Does the fact that there’s no warning on the label make it any better?

Thoughts can’t be patented, and even though IBM exists since 1888, there’s almost always prior art.